Decline in moose hunting
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Number of moose felled. Decline in moose felling.

Moose hunting2014/2015, preliminary figures



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Decline in moose hunting

A total of 33 200 moose were felled during the hunting year 2014/2015; a decrease of 1 800 animals from the previous hunting year. The number of moose shot is the lowest since the beginning of the 1990s.

Moose felled
NumberShareChange in per cent
2014-20152014-20152013-2014 - 2014-20152010-2011 - 2014-2015
Total33 194100.0-5.0-8.8
Calf5 55216.7-4.0-5.4
Yearlings5 86317.7-3.4-8.7
Older7 28321.9-3.8-6.0
Calf5 20115.7-4.4-7.0
Yearlings3 96111.9-8.6-16.5
Older5 33416.1-7.3-11.6

In total, a felling quota of 43 400 animals was issued, which is a decrease of 1 300 animals from the previous hunting year. The hunting success rate was 77 per cent.

Most moose felled in Hedmark

Hedmark is the largest "moose county" in terms of the number of licences and animals shot. A total of 7 700 hunting licences were issued and 6 200 animals were shot, resulting in a harvest percentage of 81. In the counties of Nord-Trøndelag and Nordland, 5 500 and 3 600 moose were shot respectively.

Number of moose hunters

Among the cervid species, moose hunting is the most common. A total of 61 300 hunters participated in the moose hunt during the 2013/2014 hunting season.