Interactive visualisation of reasons for immigration


The statistics on reason for immigration show why many non-Nordic immigrants have immigrated to Norway.  Immigrants come here to work, study, receive protection or reunite with their family.


We have developed an interactive visualisation where you can see why immigrants come to Norway and from what continents they originate. You can customise some of the figures to explore different reasons for immigration and continents. Please note that you can also use the following functionalities:

  • Share the visualisation via email, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Incorporate the visualisation into your own website using the embed code.
  • Download figures (including those you have customised) as images, in a PDF or PowerPoint file.

About the figures

All the figures in this visualisation are retrieved from the statistics Immigrants by reason for immigration. These are annual statistics which Statistics Norway has published since 1995. Figures are used from statbank-table 07113.

About the visualization

We start with a pie chart in which all non-Nordic immigration since 1990 is shown by reason for immigration. The figures add up to the total number of immigrations. This means that the total is larger than the number of immigrants still living in Norway.

An area chart with annual immigration is then shown, which is then broken down by reason for immigration. Different colours are used to indicate the different reasons for immigrating.

In the next tab you can see the same figures broken down by continent based on the first citizenship of the immigrant. Different shades of red have been used to distinguish between the continents.

In the two last tabs you have the possibility to combine the latter variables - reason for immigration and continent - and learn more about what groups arrived when.

Please note that the visualisation is optimised for large screens.