641 billion in tax
Income and consumption;Establishments, enterprises and accounts
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Tax assessments (discontinued)2008

The statistics has been discontinued.



641 billion in tax

People and companies were assessed for a total of NOK 641 billion in tax for the income year 2008. This is an increase of NOK 77 billion compared to the year before.

Correction of statistics

Owing to the introduction of two new rules in petroleum taxation as from 2005, tax statistics for companies have been corrected. Paid exploration expenses are now incorporated into the statistics and are treated as a tax deduction. Total tax revenues from the oil sector for 2008 are reduced by over NOK 6 billion. The variable paid exploration expenses are classified as a tax deduction, and also included in corrected StatBank tables.

For further information, see the article " Correction of statistics- paid exploration expenses ".

Assessed taxes for companies amounted to NOK 313 billion in 2008, an increase of NOK 58 billion from 2007. Persons had an increase in assessed taxes of NOK 19 billion, and amounted to NOK 327 billion in 2008.

Total tax deductions increased from 22 billion in 2007 to 33 billion in 2008.

About the statistical basis

The statistics is based on the ordinary tax assessment for people and companies from the tax register of the Directorate of Taxes.

Tax on ordinary income for personal taxpayers, tax rate 2007-2008
Net taxes28.0028.00
Community tax13.0513.30
County tax14.9514.70

For more information about tax statistics for persons: http://www.ssb.no/skattoppgjor_en/

For more information about tax statistics for companies: http://www.ssb.no/skattepl_en/