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Norwegian households generally had a weak growth in income from 2014 to 2015. While some households experienced a rise in household income, others experienced a decline in income. Even in the two previous years households experienced a slow income growth.

Income and wealth statistics for households2015


Income after tax for households by type of household, Median1
After tax median incomePer cent2
20152014 - 20152010 - 2015
1Students not included
2In constant prices
All households491 1000.410.1
Singles under 45 years280 200-0.27.3
Singles 45-64 years315 400-0.19.9
Singles 65 years and older253 7000.014.4
Couples without children, oldest person under 45 years577 400-0.72.2
Couples without children, oldest person 45-64 years726 5000.515.4
Couples without children, oldest person 65 years and older546 0000.318.0
Couples with children 0-6 years735 800-0.27.8
Couples with children 7-17 years851 6000.311.1
Couples with children, oldest child 18 years and older947 7000.413.1
Single mother/father with children 0-17 years397 500-0.65.2
Single mother/father with children 18 years and older522 300-0.48.9