Less agreements and man-years by specialists
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Less agreements and man-years by specialists

In 2002, 1 064 operating agreements and 709 man-years were contracted between the health enterprises and different medical specialists. During 2002 the number of both agreements and man-years has decreased. The number of agreements and man-years by clinical psychologists were stable.

The decrease in agreements is mainly within the specialities of psychiatry, surgery and general (internal) medicine. Some specialities have increased the number of agreements, especially other specialities. Among all specialities except the group of other specialities, the number of contracted man-years has decreased.

Most of the decrease in agreements is in Helseregion Øst, which lost 10 agreements. Also Helseregion Nord has a decrease, they lost 5 agreements. The other health enterprises have a stable number of agreements. The number of man-years is lower in all the health enterprises. Despite the decrease in agreements, Helseregion Øst has still the best coverage with 22.0 man-years per 100 000 inhabitants for medical specialists.

Small increase in man-years by clinical psychologists

While the number of agreements is stable, the number of man-years increased from 399.5 in 2001 till 403.2 in 2002. As well for clinical psychologists Helseregion Øst has the best coverage with 13,6 man-years per 100 000 inhabitants. The coverage in Helseregion Nord is only 2.6 man-years per 100 000, that is far below the average of 8.9 man-years.

Increasing share receives highest class of subsidy

In 2001 63 per cent received subsidy in class 3, in 2002 the share have increased till 67 per cent. It is most usual to make agreements in the highest class of subsidy for all specialities except among psychiatrists.