Less than one in five smoke daily
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Less than one in five smoke daily

For the first time since the measurements of smoking habits started in 1973, the proportion of daily smokers amongst the 16-74 years olds is less than 20 per cent. The share of snuff users was 7 per cent in 2010.

Proportion of daily smokers 16-74 years among men and women. 1973-2010. Per cent

Nineteen per cent of the respondents aged 16-74 years stated that they smoked daily in 2010, and the proportion was the same among women and men. The change last year falls in line with the pattern we have seen for a while, with a continuous decline in the proportion of smokers. The smoking habits of men and women differed from 1973 towards the end of the millennium, but have since then had a common falling curve. About one in three women smoked daily during the last decades before 2000. Among men, the trend has been declining throughout the period since 1973, when more than half of the men were smoking.

Over the years, the authorities have taken measures to reduce the number of smokers. Among these efforts are a prohibition of tobacco advertising, health warnings on cigarette packets and a special smoking act that prohibits smoking in public areas indoors.

Proportion of daily smokers among men and women, by age. 2010. Per cent

Less smoking and more use of snuff among youngsters

The declining smoking tendency among young people in the age 16-24 years continued in 2010. Ten per cent of young men and 14 per cent of young women are daily smokers. On the other hand, occasional smoking is more common among young men. When it comes to using snuff, the number of young users is rising. One in four young men now use snuff on a daily basis, and eight per cent of the women.

For the age group 16-74 years as a whole, the level of snuff users is relatively stable. Seven per cent used snuff daily - 12 per cent among men and two for women. The proportion of occasional snuffers is unaltered at four per cent.

About the surveys

Statistics Norway has conducted surveys on smoking habits since 1973, now as a part of Statistics Norway’s Travel and holiday survey. In the course of a year, four surveys with a total sample of 5 000 are carried out. Since 2008 the survey also includes questions about Norwegians’ use of snuff.

From 1973 to 2008, three-year moving averages were estimated. A moving average is calculated as the average of results from three consecutive years, and this represents the middle of the three years. From 2009, Statistics Norway has decided to use the figures for each year.