8 in 10 new-borns receive home visits from the public health centres
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Municipal health care services shows statistics on general practitioners, physiotherapists, expenses, health examinations in public health centres and school health services, the number of man-years and expenditures within these services.

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8 in 10 new-borns receive home visits from the public health centres

In 2015, 83 per cent of new parents had home visits from the public health centres, and almost all infants underwent a health examination within eight weeks of birth. Health examinations for children of pre-school age and in their first year at school have nearly full coverage.

Municipal health services, key figures
201520152014 - 20152011 - 2015
Absolute figuresPer 10 000 inhabitantsPercentage change1Percentage change1
1Percentage change is based on absolute figures
2Due to change of data source, changes in man-years are not calculated.
Man-years for physicians in the municipal health service5 456.610.52.512.8
Man-years for physiotherapists4 689.
Absolute figuresPer inhabitantPercentage change1Percentage change1
Gross operating expenditure municipal health in total (1 000 NOK)15 503 6712 973.53.626.9
Gross operating expenditure. Preventive health (enviormental health care) (1 000 NOK)1 263 329242.35.330.8
Gross operating expenditure. Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, function 241, (1 000 NOK)11 072 0162 123.53.325.7
Absolute figuresPer 10 000 inhabitants 0-20 yearsPercentage change1Percentage change1
Gross operating expenditure. Preventive health (enviormental health care) (1 000 NOK)3 168 3262 386.24.029.9
Man-years health centers and school health24 498.533.9::

Most children 0-5 years of age have follow-ups at public health centres in Norway. New-borns and their parents can receive home visits during the first two weeks of returning home from the hospital. The share that receives home visits has continuously risen since 2011, from 78 per cent to 83 per cent in 2015. At the public health centres, between 96 and 98 per cent of the children get health examinations by the age of 8 weeks, 3 years and 4 years.

The school health services offer health examinations of school children in their first school year, and in 2015 96 per cent of these children were examined. The percentage that is examined has risen in recent years and was 89 per cent in 2011.

GPs and physiotherapists – increasing number of man-years

Man-years for physiotherapists and general practitioners within the municipal health care services continue to rise. In 2015, the number of man-years for GPs was 5 457. This represents a growth of 2.5 per cent from 2014 and about 13 per cent from 2011. Eight in ten man-years were used for diagnosing, treatment and rehabilitation, while one in ten man-years were used in institutions for the elderly and functionally impaired.

In 2015, the number of man-years for physiotherapist was 4 690; an increase of 2 per cent since 2014 and 9 per cent from 2011.

Increasing expenditures

NOK 15.5 billion was spent on municipal health care services in 2015, which corresponds to about NOK 3 000 per inhabitant. This is 3.6 per cent higher than in 2014. One fifth of the expenditure was spent on the public health centres and the school health services.