Difference in gender for ischemic heart disease
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Causes of death (discontinued)2010

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has the role of data processor for the Cause of Death Registry as from 1 January 2014, and is the publisher of causes of death statistics from the statistical year 2013. Applications for access to data held in the Cause of Death Registry should be sent to datatilgang@fhi.no.



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Difference in gender for ischemic heart disease

In 2010 a total of 20 000 men and 21 500 women died. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer were the main causes of death.

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer caused 6 out of 10 deaths. Ischemic heart disease was the most common among cardiovascular diseases, respectively 2 800 men and 2 400 women died of this cause. More men than women younger than 65 years died of ischemic heart disease.

Deaths in 2010 by different causes of deaths

Great gender difference in death by ischemic heart diseases

The use of the standard death rate (per 100 000 inhabitants) in the age group 65 years and older shows a decreasing number of deaths by ischemic heart diseases in the countries of the European Union (EU) and in Norway. These heart diseases are still the main cause of death in this age group.

Cancer is the main cause of death for those younger than 65 years old. It is, however, ischemic heart diseases that display the largest difference between men and women in this age group in the EU countries in the years 2006-2008: Ischemic heart diseases caused four times more deaths for men than women in the age group younger than 65 years. For more information, see Eurostat .

Death from cancer was most frequently caused by cancer in the digestive organs or in the lungs

For deaths by cancer the two main causes were cancer in the digestive organs or the respiratory system. Half of the 3 900 deaths registered due to respiratory diseases were caused by chronic lower respiratory diseases.

750 deaths were caused by alcohol, narcotics and drugs, and of these deaths 370 were due to alcoholic related diseases. Poisoning caused 360 deaths in 2010.

Agestandardized mortality. Cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 1986-2010. Total and by gender

Death certificate was missing for a total of 730 deaths

The statistics covers all persons registered by the National Population Register as inhabitants of Norway at the time of their death, regardless of whether the death took place in Norway or abroad. Among the deaths in 2010 a death certificate was missing for 730 persons, or in 1.8 per cent of the cases. Half of the missing certificates were due to deaths abroad (385). Inadequate reporting from the chief municipal medical officer is also a problem. Statistics Norway forwarded 2 000 reminders for missing certificates. Seven out of ten dying abroad were men, mainly in the age group of 45-74 years.

Number of deaths from abroad, by causes. 2001-2010
  2001    2002    2003    2004    2005    2006    2007    2008    2009    2010
Deaths from diseases 42 49 70 56 56 43 36 46 39 36
Unknown causes  250  253  256  251  294  296  338  336  303  385
Deaths from external causes 5 15 11 98 14 6 8 12 5 11
Total  297  317  337  405  364  345  382  394  347  432

Quality control

In cases of unsatisfactorily filled-in death certificates, Statistics Norway sends supplementary questions to the certifier to ensure the cause of death and improve the quality of the Cause of death registry. In addition a medical adviser is applied. Statistics Norway collects autopsies from forensic institutes and hospitals and also cooperates with The Norwegian Institute of Public Health and The Cancer registry of Norway. The frequency of autopsies showed a decrease in numbers last year.

Statistics Norway's Division for Health Statistics is the data processor for the Cause of Death Registry, which is owned by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). For more information on causes of death, go to the NIPH’s's website .

The standard death rate

Most causes of death vary significantly with people’s age and sex. The use of the standard death rate (per 100 000 inhabitants) improves comparability over time within a country and between countries, and is therefore a useful tool for comparison.