Increase in drug deaths
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Causes of death (discontinued)2000

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Increase in drug deaths

The number of deaths caused by drug, alcohol and intoxication of medicine are still increasing in Norway. In 2000 a total of 801 died, 632 men and 169 women. The strongest increase in this group is due to deaths of opiates, among others heroin.

ICD-10, classification of diseases, 10th revision, introduced a new code, which should visualize multiple drug use. Deaths caused by multiple drug use increased from 25 in 1996 to 90 in 2000.

Totally 392 died of alcohol and alcohol related diseases. The most frequent causes of deaths are liver diseases and alcoholism, 178 and 154 respectively.

1725 died from lower chronic respiratory diseases

There were 44 018 deaths in 2000, 21 676 men and 22 342 women. Diseases caused 41 650 deaths, while the other deaths are due to external causes 18 191 died of diseases in the circulatory system, which is the largest group of deaths, 8 659 men and 9 532 women. Most men died of ischemic heart disease while women dominated deaths from vascular diseases, 4 398 and 2 630 respectively.

10 447 died of diseases caused by malignant neoplasm. Neoplasm in the gastrointestinal system-, respiratory system and tumors in bloodforming- organs are the most frequent causes of cancer deaths, nearly 57 per cent of all cancer deaths.

In 2000 there were 4 384 deaths caused by diseases in the respiratory system. More than 50 per cent were caused by pneumonia and influenza. Deaths caused from lower chronic respiratory diseases were 1 725, nearly 40 per cent of all respiratory deaths.

2 368 died of external causes. Accidents caused by falls and transport accidents were 880 and 434. Suicide led to 541 deaths and assaults to 53.

226 children died in the first year of life, 131 boys and 95 girls. 156 died during the first four weeks of their life. There were registered 24 deaths from sudden death of unknown cause (SIDS) under 1 year of age.

Death from infections rises

Infection diseases have increased considerable the last years with a top in 2000, totally 538deaths. The frequent infections diseases are other and unspecified sepsis and unspecified infections. Women dominated the deaths. AIDS caused 15 deaths in 2000, while the number were 12 in 1999.

Deaths caused by diabetes mellitus were totally 655 in 2000, 316 men and 339 women. 69 men died of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, while the number of women was 39. 32 per cent died of an unspecified diabetes mellitus. 47 of the deaths were under 55 year, 36 men and 11 women. Deaths of specified complication were 68 percent. The numbers have been stable for the last three years.

More women died of Alzheimers disease

There has been a rise in deaths caused by Alzheimers disease for the last years. Two reasons come to mind; the medical progress that make the diagnosis easier and that the doctors use the diagnosis more often on the death certificate than before. There is no decrease in deaths caused by senile dements and vascular demens at the same time and this would exclude a change in profiles in diagnosis on the death certificate. 252 died of Alzheimers diseases in 2000 while 148 in 1996. The majority of deaths were women. Totally, there were 82 men and 170 women who died of this disease.