Deaths from COPD continue to increase
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Causes of death (terminated in Statistics Norway)2012

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has the role of data processor for the Cause of Death Registry as from 1 January 2014, and is the publisher of causes of death statistics from the statistical year 2013. Applications for access to data held in the Cause of Death Registry should be sent to datatilgang@fhi.no.



Deaths from COPD continue to increase

In 2012, a total of 41 900 persons living in Norway died, of which 22 300 were women and 19 600 were men. Lung diseases accounted for 10 per cent of all deaths in 2012. Eight out of ten deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases or malignant cancer.

Causes of death
2012Change last year. NumbersChange in last 10 years. percent
1The figures have been taken into account for the code change in 2003
Deaths, total41 913609-5.6
Malignant neoplasm of larynx, trachea, bronchus or lung (C32-C34)2 224-313.7
Malignant neoplasm of breast (C50)64937-12.2
Malignant neoplasm of prostate (C61)1 006-46-5.6
Ischaemic heart diseases (I20-I25)4 852-115-38.0
Chronic lower respiratory diseases excl. asthma (J40-J44, J47)2 09214131.2
Transport accidents (V01-V99, Y85)187-45-51.6
Accidental poisening (X40-X49)13121822.8
Suicide and intentional self-harm (X60-X84, Y870)515-834.3
Homicide, assault (X85-Y09, Y871)30-84-23.1

A total of 4 200 persons died of lung diseases in 2012; 2 000 men and 2 200 women. Half of these deaths where caused by Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and nearly 40 per cent of the 4 200 died from pneumonia. Figures from the last 30 years indicate that deaths from pneumonia have declined from 43 to 16 per 100 000 inhabitants per year. In the same period, COPD has increased from 13 to 25 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants per year.

Increasing number of deaths caused by dementia in 2012

In 2012, 2 750 persons died due to dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and unspecified dementia. Of these, 800 were men and 1 950 women. Figures from last year show an increasing number of deaths caused by dementia. The increase is especially strong among the over 85s. Near 70 per cent of all deaths caused by dementia were among persons over 85 years. Two out of three deaths were women.

Deaths from cardiovascular diseases continued to decline in 2012, especially from ischemic heart disease. This applied to both men and women. In the period 1988-2012, the decline was from 183 to 63 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants. Vascular diseases such as stroke and cerebral haemorrhage have declined in the same period, from 82 to 37 per 100 000 inhabitants.

The decline in cancer deaths that has been observed in recent years continued, with a reduction from 179 to 160 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants in the five-year period 2008-2012. Both breast cancer and prostate cancer are declining. Malignant cancer in throat, trachea, bronchus and lung remained stable during this period. However, the rates show a decline for men (from 48 to 43 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants) and an increase for women (from 22 to 27 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants). Deaths from colon cancer have been stable during the period.

A total of 3 000 autopsies were conducted in 2012, of which 1 500 were in hospitals and 1 500 were forensic autopsies. Two out of three autopsies are performed on men.

Transport accidents

Deaths caused by transport accidents have declined from 1988 to 2012. This is particularly the case for traffic accidents, which show a decline from 18 to 8 deaths per 100 000 inhabitants. The total number of deaths due to a transport accident was 184 in 2012; 138 men and 46 women. In total, there were 2 400 deaths from external causes, including accidents, suicides and homicides.

There were 136 deaths in the age group 1-17; 71 boys and 65 girls. Three out of four of these deaths were caused by diseases.

Deaths among non-residents that died in NorwayOpen and readClose

Based on Commission Regulation (EU) No328/2011, Norwegian laws have been changed, and statistics on causes of death for non-residents that died in Norway have been published for the first time in Norway; see The Norwegian Institute of Public Health. The figures are prepared in cooperation with Statistics Norway.

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For all rate changes the age distribution over time is taken into account, as well as the different age distribution between men and women. The WHO standard population for Europe is used.