Still fewer abortions among teenagers
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Abortions (discontinued)2003

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Still fewer abortions among teenagers

The number of induced abortions among teenagers are still decreasing and came to 13 888 in 2003 - 12.9 per 1 000 females aged 15-49 years. The decreasing trend in abortions among teenagers continued last year by 16.4 per 1 000 females aged 15 - 19.

In 2003, 15 504 petitions were made for abortions. For 13 888 of these petitions the outcome was an induced abortion.

Abortions per 1 000 women, by age. 2003

The decreasing trend in abortions among teenagers continued in 2003 and last year 16.4 abortions per 1 000 women were recorded among 15-19 year olds. This is the lowest number ever observed during the period of 25 years with the actual law of abortion.

The number of abortions up to 10 weeks pregnancy was amounted to 11 329. Of these 39 per cent were induced farmeutical and 45 per cent by surgery.

Of the 641 petitions handled in abortion committees, 510 resulted in induced abortion. The remaining petitions were rejected or not carried out for other reasons. About 45 per cent of the petitions for abortion granted by a committee were of social reasons. About 37 per cent were made due to serious risk for the health of the foetus.