Slight fall in abortions
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Abortions (discontinued)2005

Medical Birth Registry at Norwegian Institute of Public Health (http://www.fhi.no/helseregistre/medisinsk-fodselsregister) will from 2007 publish this statistics.



Slight fall in abortions

The number of induced abortions in 2005 was 13 989, marginally lower than in 2004. Abortions among teenagers were more or less stable compared to the year before.

Abortions per 1 000 women, by age

The total numbers of induced abortions in 2005 was 13 989, down from 14 071 in 2004. Of these 2 211 were abortion among teenagers.

Per 1 000 women between 15 and 49 years there were 12,9 abortions in 2005. For teenagers between 15-19 years, there were 15,4 abortion per 1 000 women.

Of the 698 petitions handled in abortion committees, 580 resulted in induced abortion. The remaining petitions were rejected or not carried out for other reasons.

Abortion induced by pharmaceuticals are getting more common in abortions within 9 weeks of pregnancy. 45.5 per cent of the abortions were carried out this way in 2005.

The Division for Health statistics in Statistics Norway is the data processor for the Abortion registry while The Norwegian Institute of Public Health owns the register.