24-hour nursing and care services for the aged

Unchanged coverage


Preliminary figures for 2010 indicate some 400-500 more beds in nursing homes, whilst there were about 200 fewer beds in old people’s homes. This offsets the increase in inhabitants aged 80 years and above. Thus the coverage for this age category is unchanged at just below 19 per cent.

A total of 41 313 beds now exist in 996 nursing homes and old people’s homes, compared to 41 071 beds and 997 institutions in 2009.

In addition to new institutions, some of the increase is due to the inclusion of more beds from private institutions selling to the municipalities, and a stronger demand to include beds not in operation. Furthermore, a few institutions have been changed from old people’s home to nursing homes.

21 000 residents in 24-hour operated dwellings

Parallel to this, the figures for residents in 24-hour operated dwellings show an increase of more than 5 per cent, to 21 000. Almost 40 per cent 1 of these residents are 80 years or older, thus such residents has an important 1 impact to a 24-hour service for the elderly.

The figures in the table below will replace corresponding figures in KOSTRA and StatBank.

The 2010 figures have to be considered as unrevised. Updated figures will be released in KOSTRA on 15 June 2011.

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