Small decrease in sales of petroleum products
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Sales of petroleum products2012, final figures



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Small decrease in sales of petroleum products

Total sales of petroleum products ended at 9.6 billion litres in 2012. This is a small decrease of 0.6 per cent or 55 million litres compared to 2011.

Deliveries of petroleum products by product, final figures (million litres)
2012Change in per cent201120102009
2011 - 2012
Total deliveries of petroleum products9 555-0.69 6109 8099 471
Motor gasoline1 394-6.51 4911 6291 725
Auto diesel3 5994.03 4623 3453 057
Other middle distillates2 396-0.72 4132 5252 431
Kerosene1 0461.91 0271 050956
Heavy fuel oil293-17.5355368456
Lubricant oil63-14.9746871
Other petroleumproduckts765-3.0789825774
Sales of motor gasoline, auto diesel, other middle distillates, kersosene, heavy fuel oil, lubricant oil and other petroleum products. 2009-2012. Million litres

Sales of auto diesel made up 38 per cent of the total sales of petroleum products in 2012 and total sales ended at 3.6 billion litres, of which 866 million litres were non-dutiable auto diesel. From 2011 to 2012 sales increased by 137 million litres or 4 per cent.

Sales of motor gasoline amounted to 1.4 billion litres; a decrease of 6.5 per cent. Motor gasoline made up about 15 per cent of the total sales of petroleum products.

In total, auto diesel and motor gasoline made up 52.3 per cent of the total sales of petroleum products in 2012 and sales of the two products combined increased by 0.8 per cent.

Other products

Sales of marine gas oil and diesel amounted to 1.9 billion litres in 2012 and made up about 20 per cent of the total sales of petroleum products. Sales of light heating oils decreased and ended at 341 million litres. For 2009, 2010 and 2011 sales ended at 461, 550 and 403 million litres respectively.

The airborne traffic has increased in the last four years, while the sales of jet kerosene have increased. For the fist time, sales ended at over one billion litres per year in 2012.

Sales of heating and lighting kerosene continued to decrease in 2012, ending at 43 million litres, which is 17 million litres less than in 2011.

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This publication is based on final annual figures reported from the oil companies. StatisticsNorwaypublishes sales of petroleum products every month, and in January 2013 published preliminary figures for sales in 2012. These figures were a summary of the monthly figures.