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Business tendency survey for manufacturing, mining and quarryingQ1 2017



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Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying. Selected indicators. Diffusion index. Smoothed seasonally adjusted1
1st quarter 2017
Changes from previous quarterExpected changes in next quarter
1A diffusion index is compiled using the estimated percentages on "ups" and "same" according to the formula: (ups + 0,5 * same). The diffusion index has a turning point at 50. An index value above 50 indicates growth in the variable, and opposite for a value below 50.
Total volume of production50.052.2
Average capacity utilisation49.751.8
Average employment45.745.5
New orders received from home markets51.453.2
New orders received from export markets48.052.3
Total stock of orders48.250.7
Prices on products at home markets50.152.9
Prices on products at export markets48.850.7