Energy and manufacturing
The energy balance shows total supply and consumption of different energy products, by industry or user group. In 2014, the energy consumption, excluding energy used in energy industries and as raw materials, rose by 3 per cent from the previous year.

Energy account and energy balance2014, preliminary figures

The statistics Energy account and energy balance will be published as two separate statistics (Energy account and Energy balance) as from October 2015.


Energy balance for Norway. PJ
All energy productsCoalCokePetroleum cokeBiofuels and wasteCrude oilGasolineKeroseneMiddle distillatesHeavy fuel oilLPG /NGLNatural gas/LNGOther gasesHydro- and wind energyElectricityDistrict heating
1Transformation is calculated as secondary energy production minus energy used as input in the production.
1.1 Primary energy production8 149.752. 031.6198. 008.80.0470.10.00.0
2 Imports346.718.011.912.77.176.811.125.155.780.911.
3 Exports7 169.458. 451.9338.715.7114.778.1290.63 763.
4 International bunkers38.
4.1 International marine bunkers18.
4.2 International aviation bunkers20.
5 Changes in stocks (+ = net decrease,- = net increase)-
6 Total energy supply (1+2-3-4+5)1 275.120.412.012.263.2635.9-129.4-12.4-70.5-5.051.8244.90.0470.1-18.00.0
7 Statistical differences (6+8-9-10-12)167.6-
8 Transformation114.0-1.8-2.77.4-20.7-565.9202.334.2289.60.111.0-15.645.1-470.1478.722.3
8.1 In blast furnaces-1.4-1.0-
8.2 In oil refineries17.
8.3 In thermal power plants-
8.4 In combined heat and power plants-5.3-
8.5 In district heating plants-
8.6 In hydro- and wind power plants0.
8.7 Other transformation9.
9 Energy industries own use219.
9.1 Crude petroleum and natural gas production182.
9.2 Coal mines0.
9.3 Petroleum refineries30.
9.4 Pumping storage power plants2.
9.5 Hydro electric power plants2.
9.6 Thermal power plants0.
9.7 In combined heat and power plants0.
9.8 District heating plants0.
10 Losses in transport and distribution36.
12 Final consumption including non-energy use866.320.47.618.642.50.041.820.2186.
12.1 Final energy consumption, excl. non-energy use784.518.07.60.942.50.041.820.2186.57.07.418.314.40.0402.217.6
13 Manufacturing, mining and quarrying240.
14 Transport207.
15 Other sectors336.
16 Non energy use81.
16.1 In manufacture of industrial chemicals62.
16.2 In other industry19.
Memo1: Natural gas flared off on oil fields and terminals18.