Increased production of energy in 2000
Energy and manufacturing
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Energy account and energy balance1999-2000, preliminary figures



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Increased production of energy in 2000

The production of primary energy bearers was 9 566 Petajoule last year, according to preliminary figures. This is 6.6 per cent more than in 1999. The production of crude oil, which represents 67.9 per cent of the total energyproduction, increased by 7 per cent in 2000. Net domestic consumption declined by 1.1 per cent.

With the exception of refined petroleum products there was an increase in production of all energy bearers last year. The production of electricity increased by 16.6 per cent. Last year was characterized by much water in the water reservoirs.

Reduced energy consumption

Net domestic consumption of energy was 802 Petajoule last year, a 1.1 per cent decline from 1999. Some of the decline in the consumption of energy was due to the fact that 2000 was a warm year.

There was a considerable decline in the consumption of refined petroleum products. This energy bearer declined by 10.7 per cent in 2000.