Increased energy use
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Energy use by municipality (discontinued)2005-2007

Statistics on energy use by municipality has been discontinued.



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Increased energy use

The use of energy in Norwegian municipalities increased by 5.5 per cent in 2007. The consumption of fossil fuels in the energy sectors increased while the consumption of heating oil decreased.

In 2007, total energy use amounted to 225 TWh, of which electricity accounted for 51.4 per cent.

Lower electricity consumption in households

Household use of energy for stationary use amounted to almost 45 TWh in 2007. This is slightly more than in 2006. Electricity accounted for about 78 per cent of the total. In 58 municipalities, more than 80 per cent of the households’ use of energy was covered by electricity.

Lowest energy use per capita in Oslo

The stationary energy use in households in Norway was 9.5 MWh per capita in Norway in 2007. The lowest average figure by county was in Oslo, with 8.5 MWh per capita, and Akershus and Rogaland with 8.6 MWh. The highest energy use was in Finnmark with 12.5, and Oppland with 11.9 MWh per capita.

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Comparability with other statistics

The figures presented here differ somewhat from the figures presented in the Energy balance . Among other things, this is because energy use outside 5 nautical kilometres is not included in the statistics for energy use by municipality.


The statistics are based on a combination of data on actual use of energy by municipality and estimates based on national and county figures.

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