Lower electricity prices for households in 2012
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Electricity pricesQ4 2012



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Lower electricity prices for households in 2012

The average price of electricity for households in 2012, excluding taxes and grid rent, was 29.1 øre/kWh. This is 36 per cent lower compared to 2011. The electricity price for service industry and manufacturing was also reduced considerably in 2012.

Electricity prices in the end-user market, quarterly. Øre/kWh
 4th quarter 2012Change in per cent
 Øre/kWhLast 3 mos.Last 12 mos.
1New fixed-price contacts are entered into the last 3 months before the measuring week, and older fixed-price contracts are entered earlier.
The title of the table was changed on 5th Mars 2013 at 16:00 pm .(The phrase "Exclusive taxes" was removed from the title)
Households. Total price og electricity, grid rent and taxes83.119.2-7.5
Electricity price30.452.5-13.0
Grid rent26.41.1-5.0
Households Electricity price by type of contract. Exclusive taxes   
New fixed price contracts - 1 year or less132.7-8.1..
New fixed price contracts - 1 year or more135.33.8..
All other fixed-price contracts36.71.8..
Contracts tied to spot price30.580.2-15.5
Variable price (not tied to spot price)28.822.4-10.6
Business activity. Electricity price. Exclusive taxes   
Manufacturing excl. Energy-intensive manufacturing30.856.33.8
Energy-intensive manufacturing26.82.0-3.5

The reduction in the electricity price may be seen in conjunction with a record high electricity production in 2012. While the reservoir filling was low in the first half of 2011, the filling level was above the median level for most of 2012. This led to a high electricity production and lower electricity prices.

The overall average price of electricity for households, including grid rent and taxes, amounted to 81.2 øre per kWh in 2012. This is 20 per cent lower compared to the year before. The grid rent and taxes came to 26.4 and 25.8 øre per kWh respectively.

Spot contracts cheapest

Households tied to spot price contracts paid 27.2 øre per kWh on average, excluding grid rent and taxes, in 2012, while the price of variable price contracts amounted to 30.3 øre per kWh. New fixed-price contracts lasting one year or less and fixed-price contracts lasting one year or more totalled 38 and 36.6 øre per kWh respectively. Other fixed-price contracts amounted to 37.7 øre per kWh.

Lower electricity prices for the service industry and in manufacturing excl. energy-intensive manufacturing

The average price of electricity in the service industry was 28.5 øre per kWh, excluding taxes and grid rent, in 2012. This is 33 per cent lower than the price one year ago.

In manufacturing excl. energy-intensive manufacturing the average price amounted to 27.8 øre per kWh. This is 14 per cent lower compared to 2011.

Increase in electricity prices for energy-intensive manufacturing

For energy-intensive manufacturing and the pulp and paper industry, the average price of electricity was 26.4 øre per kWh in 2012, excluding taxes and grid rent. This is almost the same as the year before.

Changes in the statistics Open and readClose

There have been some changes in the statistics from the first quarter of 2012. The measuring period was increased from one week to cover the whole quarter. From January 1 2012, the cost of electricity certificates is included in the prices in the end-user market.