Decreasing operating profit margin
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Electricity, annual figures2003

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Decreasing operating profit margin

The operating profit margin in the power industry went down from 2001 to 2002. In 2003 it continues to fall. The annual profit in the power industry rose slightly and was NOK 10.6 billion in 2003. The return on total assets and return on equity for the power industry was 8,1 and 8,2 per cent in 2003.

Resultatregnskap i 1998 kroner.

Nøkkeltall for kraftsektoren etter type verk.2003

The operating profit rose by 2,9 per cent and was NOK 19.4 billion for the power industry in 2003. The operating profit margin went down 3.2 percentages points to 15.9 per cent. While the return on total assets remained at the same level as in 2002 on 8,1 per cent, the return on equity fell by 1.2 percentage points to 8,2 per cent in 2003. The investment in the power industry was NOK 5 712 million in 2003, - an increase of 6,3 per cent from the previous year.

High rise in power price

The total price for private households went from NOK 0.546/kWh in 2002 up to NOK 0.713/kWh in 2003, VAT not included. This represents a sharp rise of 30,6 per cent.

While the price of electric energy was NOK 0.235 /kWh in 2002 it rose rapidly up to NOK 0.371/kWh in 2003. The price in 2003 was considerably higher than in 2002 throughout the year, however it was the first period in 2003 with dramatically increased prices that contributed to the high average price for the year. The tariff on distribution was NOK 0.249/kWh.

Innkjøp av varige driftsmiddel, 1998 kroner

Potential, developed and permanently protected1 watercourses. 1928-20042. GWh

Lower production of power

It was a marked fall in production of power from 2002 to 2003. The total production of power amounted to 107. 3 TWh, a decrease of 17.7 per cent compared with last year. The remaining production is divided on 943 GWh thermal power and 218 GWh wind power. This was more than the double of the production of wind power in 2002.

The total consumption of energy was 104.3 TWh.

Net import of power

Norway exported 5 587 GWh and imported 13 472 GWh in 2003. This equals a net import of power of 7 885 GWh. In comparison, Norway net exported 9 711 GWh in 2002. The water reservoir filling was generally low throughout the year and contributed to the high electricity price and high level of import.