Municipalities manage 93 000 dwelling
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Municipalities manage 93 000 dwelling

Norwegian municipalities were in charge of about 93 000 dwellings in 2003, an increase on 2 per cent compared with figures from 2002. In 2003 the counties of Nord-Trøndelag and Finnmark managed about 26 municipal dwellings per 1000 inhabitants. For the country as a whole, the figure was 20.

Municipal dwellings are offered to households who have problems managing a dwelling on the open market and to groups with needs for an adapted dwelling. There are also some personnel dwellings available.

Number of municipal dwellings per 1000 inhabitants, by county

Nord-Trøndelag has o the largest number of nursing and care dwellings per inhabitant

Nursing and care dwellings represent about one quarter of the municipal dwellings. In the country as a whole, there were 5 of these dwellings per 1000 inhabitants in 2003, while in Nord-Trøndelag county there were 8 nursing and care dwellings per 1000 inhabitants. Oslo has comparatively few of these dwellings per inhabitant, only about 2 nursing and care dwellings per 1000 inhabitants in 2003. When collecting these figures, there were only asked about dwellings build with a specific contribution from Husbanken. Some municipalities have dwellings that are occupied by the same groups of people living in the contribution-based nursing and care dwellings (elderly, disabled etc.). Oslo managed in 2003 about 2000 dwellings for the same purpose as the about 800 contribution-based dwellings.

Municipalities own most of the dwellings themselves

In 2003 the municipalities owned 82 per cent of the dwellings disposed by the municipalities. The number of dwellings rented by municipalities for subleasing made up about 5 per cent, whereas the privately owned buildings where the municipality has the right to influence who the tenant should be, made up 13 per cent. The nursing and care dwellings are often represented in this last category. These figures have not changed during the 3 years these statistics have been compiled.

More information

More municipal figures can be found on http://www.ssb.no/kostra/ , letter N "Bolig". The figures in this article are also available in "Statistikkbanken" on http://statbank.ssb.no/statistikkbanken/ .