Increase in municipally managed dwellings
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Increase in municipally managed dwellings

Norwegian municipalities were in charge of about 91 000 dwellings in 2002, an increase of nearly 6 per cent compared with figures from 2001. As in the previous year there were mostly elderly who had obtained municipal housing. Next was a group consisting of economically disadvantaged and substance abusers. The number of municipal dwellings per 1 000 inhabitants amounted 20.1.

Municipal dwellings are offered to households who have problems managing to secure a dwelling on the open market and to groups with needs for an adapted dwelling. There are also some personnel dwellings available. There are mostly persons over the age of 60 who have obtained municipal dwellings. This group had the disposal of 42 per cent of these residences in 2002. The next group was economically disadvantaged and drug addicts living in 23 per cent of the dwellings. The rest of the dwellings were assigned to the following groups: Functionally and mentally disabled, 14 per cent, refugees, 9 per cent, young people less than 35 years of age, 5 per cent, whereas others, mostly municipal employees, made up 7 per cent of the residents in these dwellings.

Total number of municipal managed buildings and nursing and care dwellings in 2002, by county

Total number of municipal managed buildings and care dwellings per 1 000 inhabitants in 2002, by county

County differences

There were large variations of the residents in municipal dwellings in the different counties. Whereas for instance about 64 per cent of the residents in the county Østfold consisted of elderly, hardly 16 per cent of this group lived in these dwellings in Oslo.

Municipalities own most dwellings

The municipalities own 82 per cent of these residences. The ones the municipalities rent for subleasing, make up 6 per cent, whereas the privately owned buildings where the municipality has the right to influence who the tenant (or possibly owner) should be - make up 12 per cent. These are often nursing and care dwellings.

Nursing and care dwellings

Looking at the entire country there were 5 nursing and care dwellings per 1 000 inhabitants. The northern county Nordland had almost 8 dwellings per 1 000 inhabitants whereas Oslo has only 1.6.

More information

More municipal figures can be found on http://www.ssb.no/kostra/ .