Construction, housing and property
bygganloms, Construction turnover (discontinued), turnover by industry (for example demolition, heating, ventilation and sanitation, road building)Construction , Construction, housing and property

Construction turnover (discontinued)6th period 2017



The statistics has been discontinued.

Statistics on turnover for the construction, by industrial groupings1
Turnover (NOK mill.)Change in per cent
6th period 20176th period 20166th period 2016 - 6th period 2017this year compared with the same period last year (per cent)
1Turnover exclusive value added tax
2More details data found in Statbank Norway, figur number 09347.
3House building cooperative and Other development and sale of real estate are not included.
Industry division2
Total93 554.691
41.2 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings335 997.834 971.82.95.3
42.1 Construction of roads and railways8 977.89 489.0-5.42.1
42.2 Construction of utility projects2 676.72 700.6-0.93.9
42.9 Construction of other civil engineering projects562.3525.47.0-1.0
43.1 Demolition and site preparation12 079.111
43.2 Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities20 290.519 890.22.04.4
43.3 Building completion and finishing5 187.24 869.66.58.8
43.9 Other specialised construction activities7 783.27 352.15.95.5