Construction, housing and property
bygganloms, Construction turnover (discontinued), turnover by industry (for example demolition, heating, ventilation and sanitation, road building)Construction , Construction, housing and property

Construction turnover (discontinued)

The statistics has been discontinued.


Key figures

5.4 %

increase compared to 2016

Statistics on turnover for the construction, by industrial groupings1
Turnover (NOK mill.)Change in per cent
6th period 20176th period 20166th period 2016 - 6th period 2017this year compared with the same period last year (per cent)
1Turnover exclusive value added tax
2More details data found in Statbank Norway, figur number 09347.
3House building cooperative and Other development and sale of real estate are not included.
Industry division2
Total93 554.691
41.2 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings335 997.834 971.82.95.3
42.1 Construction of roads and railways8 977.89 489.0-5.42.1
42.2 Construction of utility projects2 676.72 700.6-0.93.9
42.9 Construction of other civil engineering projects562.3525.47.0-1.0
43.1 Demolition and site preparation12 079.111
43.2 Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities20 290.519 890.22.04.4
43.3 Building completion and finishing5 187.24 869.66.58.8
43.9 Other specialised construction activities7 783.27 352.15.95.5

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Table 1 
Statistics on turnover for the construction, by county. Turnover exclusive value added tax. NOK million and per cent

Statistics on turnover for the construction, by county. Turnover exclusive value added tax. NOK million and per cent
6th period 20166th period 20176th period 2016 - 6th period 2017
The whole country91 00593 5552.8
Østfold4 7335 0376.4
Akershus9 86510 0571.9
Oslo15 21415 8214.0
Hedmark2 9263 0363.8
Oppland3 2023 4598.0
Buskerud6 1636 063-1.6
Vestfold4 0664 1622.4
Telemark2 5472 6162.7
Aust-Agder1 6511 634-1.0
Vest-Agder3 2643 4014.2
Rogaland7 3037 8397.3
Hordaland8 8628 9370.8
Sogn og Fjordane1 9741 953-1.1
Møre og Romsdal3 7503 590-4.3
Sør-Trøndelag (-2017)5 2805 7348.6
Nord-Trøndelag (-2017)2 0752 1232.3
Nordland3 7093 7110.1
Troms - Romsa3 0453 0480.1
Finnmark - Finnmárku1 3761 334-3.1

About the statistics

The statistics describes the growth and level of turnover within building and construction. Total turnover is published at a 5-digit level and county figures at a 2-digit level. The statistics are compiled using the VAT- register.


Definitions of the main concepts and variables

Main variables include reported turnover exclusive value added tax.

Standard classifications

The Standard Industrial Classification (SN2007) used in Statistics Norway is based on the EU Standard NACE Rev. 1.1

Administrative information

Name and topic

Name: Construction turnover (discontinued)
Topic: Construction, housing and property

Responsible division

Division for Construction and Service

Regional level

Breakdown of data on the level of counties. Breakdown on municipalities or other geographical units may be ordered.

Frequency and timeliness

Bimonthly. The Statistic is disseminated about 15 weeks after the end of the period. Revised figures are disseminated 2 and 4 months after the first dissemination.

International reporting

The statistics is not reported international.


Primary data and the compiled statistics are saved in files of the programming language SAS.


Background and purpose

The statistics describes growth and level of turnover of building and construction. The statistics were first produced in 1995.

Users and applications

Users include public and private sector agencies, organizations and individuals. Other users include the National accounts statistics and the Research department of Statistics Norway.

Equal treatment of users

No external users have access to the statistics and analyses before they are published and accessible simultaneously for all users on ssb.no at 8 am. Prior to this, a minimum of three months' advance notice is given inthe Statistics Release Calendar.

Principles for equal treatment

Coherence with other statistics

The statistics are produced in parallel with the statistics of other industries liable to VAT. They derive keys for allocating turnover on establishments within enterprises from the Central Register of Establishments and Enterprises. They extract information from the Central Register for Employers and Employees.

Legal authority

The Statistics Act, paragraphs 2-1 and 3-2

EEA reference

Not relevant



The population includes all units registered with the VAT-register as building and contruction, i.e. NACE code of industrial classification: (41.2, 42, 43) Local KAUs in central government incl. sosial security, counties and municipalities are not included. The statistical unit is as a rule identical to the reporting unit, i.e. an enterprise with a turnover exceeding NOK 50 000 a year.

Data sources and sampling

The Census of Entrepreneurs liable to Value Added Tax (the VAT-register).

Full census survey.

Collection of data, editing and estimations

A questionnaire on turnover submitted by businesses to local representatives of the treasury is transferred to the central treasury office on a weekly basis. Statistics Norway in turn receives data from the central treasury office three times during each bimonthly reporting period. The closing date for submission of data from businesses to the local representatives of the treasury is 1 month and 10 days after the end of the bimonthly period, while the data are transmitted to the Statistics Norway about three weeks thereafter.

Data are checked with the previous submitted reports. The VAT-register is checked for missing units and for misclassification of industry codes with other administrative registers including the Central Register of Establishments and Enterprises, the Central register of Employers and Employees and the Central Coordinating register for Legal Entities.

Totals are calculated by summation. The turnover of individual active establishments within multi-local KAU (Kind-of-activity) enterprises is calculated from the submitted data of the VAT reporting unit (enterprise) using keys derived from data on turnover of the latest update of the Central Register of Establishments and Enterprises or from the Central register of Employers and Employees, whichever is the most recent.

There is no seasonal adjustment.

Seasonal adjustment

Not relevant


Not relevant

Comparability over time and space

Published series on 5-digit NACE-level from the turnover statistics are available back to 1995. Published figures on counties are available back to 1998.

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

A small number of enterprises share the same registration at the VAT-register. In the statistics this can result in misrepresentation of industries and of geographical location of activities. Another source of error is related to allocation of enterprise turnover on the constituent establishments as that may be based on inadequately updated data.

Local representatives of the treasury are consulted in the case of missing values for larger enterprises. Otherwise numbers are imputed for the compounding of provisional numbers. Missing observations for active establishments attached to an active VAT-reporting unit are imputed by adopting the same percentage change in turnover of similar enterprises with complete reporting. The change in turnover is specified at the 5 digit NACE-level. At the time of the third and final publication of revised statistics there is no imputation.

The statistics are a complete census, and the figures in the statistics therefore have no sample variance or sample skewness.

Enterprises and local KAUs can be classified with wrong industrial code in the Central Register of Establishments and Enterprises.


Incoming data is screened and compared  with the same period last year.