Greatest increase in 12 years


The growth in the number of dwellings is the highest registered since the establishment of the dwelling population statistics in 2006. The growth is largest in urban areas, and particularly in the municipalities of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

The dwelling stock increased by 32 143 dwellings last year; the highest annual net growth registered since 2006. Previous years have had an average net increase of 27 347 dwellings. As of 1 January, there are 2 547 732 dwellings in Norway, according to figures in the dwelling statistics.

Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim see strongest growth

Strong growth in urban areas. Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim municipalities had the greatest increase last year, all with a net growth of more than 1 000 dwellings. The three municipalities had a net growth of 2 934, 1 842 and 1 658 dwellings respectively.

The ten municipalities with the largest net growth accounted for 36 per cent of the total growth. At the bottom we find 150 municipalities with a total net growth of zero.

Less than half are detached houses

The dwelling stock in Norway is dominated by detached houses. But for the first time in a decade, less than half of the houses are detached houses.

This relative decrease is largely due to the shift from building detached houses to building flats. In 2006, the share of detached houses was 54.2 per cent, while in 2018 it is 49.9.