Cohabitant - not single
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Cohabitant - not single

In 2002, every third non-married person (16-79 year olds) was living in cohabitation. According to their civil status, they were all single, but not so if we look at their actual partnership status. The figures are based on annual omnibus surveys conducted by Statistics Norway.

The proportion cohabiting was largest among never married persons, 38 per cent. Among those who were divorced or separated, the proportion living in cohabitation was 30 per cent, compared with 6 per cent among widows and widowers.

Proportion living in cohabitation among not married men and women. 2002. Per cent

Proportions of Cohabitation

The proportions cohabiting among never married and previously married in their thirties and their forties, were 54 and 41 per cent, respectively. The proportions among middle aged and old people are far less.

Cohabitants in the population

17 per cent of all 16-79 year olds declared themselves as living in cohabitation in the omnibus surveys. In comparison, the proportion of married people was 50 per cent. Only for those less than 30, cohabitation was the most common form of union.

2 295 same sex cohabitants

The Population and Housing Census 2001 registered 2 295 same sex couples, 1 136 male couples and 1 159 female couples.

Ordinarily, figures about cohabitation will be lower in censuses than in surveys.

Same sex cohabitants in Population and Housing Census 2001

Several conditions had to be fulfilled in order to be classified as a samesex cohabitant. Both had to be officially registered at the same address. In addition, at least one of them had to have registered him/herself as a cohabitant in the census. They cannot be related: Siblings, parents or children were excluded. None of the two can be a possible partner in another couple and both of them had to be at least 16 years of age.

Samesex couples who declare themselves as cohabitants without actually being in a relationship cannot be excluded.

Omnibus surveys

The figures for opposite-sex cohabitants are based on omnibus surveys 2002 conducted by Statistics Norway. A total of 2 907 women and 2 953 men aged 16-79 were interviewed. The response rate was 70 per cent. There was no question about the cohabiting couple being officially registered at the same address in these surveys.