Second highest net immigration ever
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Second highest net immigration ever

In 2005 there were registered 40 100 immigrations and 21 700 emigrations, making the net immigration 18 400. Only ones before, in 1999, we have seen a higher net immigration to Norway.

Citizens from Western Europe made up the major part of immigrations in 2005 (23 per cent). At the same time almost one third of all emigrations were made by Western Europeans with 31 per cent.

Migration from and to abroad. 1972-2005

Many Eastern Europeans and Asians

Citizens from Eastern Europe made up the highest portion of the net immigration in 2005 with 6 300, followed by Asians (Turks included) - with 6 100. In comparison, the net immigration for citizens from the Nordic countries was 600 and for other Western Europeans 1 900.

Mostly Poles

Poles had the highest immigration to Norway with 3 300, followed by Swedish and German citizens with 2 700 and 1 700 immigrations respectively. Swedish citizens made up most of the emigrations in 2005 with 1 900, followed by Danish and British citizens with 1 300 and 800 emigrations respectively.

Polish citizens also had the highest net immigration with 2 900, followed by Iraqis and Russians with 1 200 each.

Net migration of the ten largest groups of foreign citizens. 2005

Net immigration from the new EU-member-countries made up 20 per cent of all net immigration in 2005.

Net migration from the new EU member country citizens. 1996-2005

Net emigration to Spain is over

For the first time since 1994 we saw a net immigration from Spain. From 1994 the net emigration to Spain increased each year and had a high in 2000 with roughly 700 net emigrations. Since then net emigration to Spain has decreased.

In 2005 Norwegians citizens represented approximately 71 per cent of immigration from Spain to Norway and about 80 per cent of the emigrations to Spain from Norway. Among those who moved to or from Sweden, Denmark, USA, Great Britain, Germany, China and Pakistan were also a relative high portion Norwegian citizens.

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