Strong increase in immigration from Poland
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Immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents1 January 2008



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Strong increase in immigration from Poland

During 2007, the immigrant population in Norway increased by 44 300. This is the largest annual increase ever recorded. The immigrant population now totals 459 600 people, of which 381 000 are first-generation immigrants and 79 000 were born in Norway of foreign parents.

Immigrant population from non-EU countries as part of the population. Per cent. 1.1.2008.

The largest immigrant groups in Norway. 1.1.2008. Absolute numbers

The immigrant population accounts for almost 10 per cent of the total population. The increase in 2007 was made up of 39 000 immigrations from other countries in 5 500 persons born in Norway. Among the 39 000 immigrations, 26 000 had European origin.

Polish immigrants make up largest immigrant group

Counting 32 100 persons, immigrants from Poland now make up the largest immigrant group, followed by immigrants from Pakistan (29 100), Sweden (26 200) and Iraq (22 900). The growth in the Polish immigrant group during 2007 was 13 200. The majority were emigrants while 1 400 persons were born in Norway of Polish parents.

Increasing immigration and changes in origin

The growth in the immigrant population was 54 000 in the period 2002-2004, compared with 95 000 in the period 2005-2007. In the first period, 95 per cent of the increase was made up by immigrants from countries outside Europe, but this decreased to 46 per cent in the last three-year period.