Iraqis are the third largest immigrant group
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Immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents1 January 2006



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Iraqis are the third largest immigrant group

At the beginning of 2006, there were 387 0001 persons in Norway with immigrant background, referring to 8.3 per cent of the total population. The Iraqi immigrant population has showed a large increase over the last years, and now it is the third largest immigrant group in Norway after Pakistanis and Swedes.

The immigrant population increased by 21 900 persons in 2005, an increase of 6.0 per cent. In comparison, the total population increased by 34 000, or 0.73 per cent. The birth surplus of the immigrant population was 3 700 persons and the immigrant surplus 18 200. The immigrant population counted for one fourth of the total birth surplus and almost the entire immigration surplus.

Non-western immigrant population as part of the population. Per cent. 1.1.2006

The immigrant population's proportion of the total population, by western and non-western country background. 1.1.1980-1.1.2006

More Iraqis

A total of 15 immigrant groups count more than 10 000 persons pr 1.1.2006. Persons with Pakistani immigrant background is still the largest group with 27 700 persons, followed by Swedes (23 500), Iraqis (20 000) and Danes (19 100). For several years, the Danes have been the third largest group, but this year Iraqis passed them due to a steady increase for the past years.

When looking at the changes during the last five years, there has been almost no increase in the numbers of people with Swedish, Danish and British immigrant background. In the same period, there has been a relatively small increase in the number of those with Pakistani and Vietnamese immigrant background. On the other hand, the number of Russians is more than doubled, and the number of Iraqis, Somalis and Poles has almost doubled. Among the largest immigrant groups, Germans is the only western group that has shown a large growth.

The 15 largest immigrant groups. 1 January 2001
and 1 January 2006
  1 January 2001 1 January 2006
1 Pakistan 23 581   Pakistan 27 675
2 Sweden 23 010   Sweden 23 489
3 Denmark 19 049   Iraq 20 076
4 Vietnam 15 880   Denmark 19 179
5 Yugoslavia 15 469   Vietnam 18 333
6 Bosnia-Herzegovina 12 944   Somalia 18 015
7 Iraq 12 357   Bosnia-Herzegovina 14 822
8 Iran 11 016   Iran 14 362
9 Turkey 10 990   Turkey 14 084
10 United Kingdom 10 925   Serbia and Montenegro 12 905
11 Sri Lanka 10 335   Germany 12 900
12 Somalia 10 107   Sri Lanka 12 560
13 Germany 9 448   Poland 11 864
14 USA 7 253   United Kingdom 11 031
15 Finland 6 776   Russia 10 351

33 per cent more with Polish immigrant background

At the beginning of 2006, 74 per cent of the immigrant population had non-western background. In absolute numbers, people with Asian background (Turkey included) had the largest population growth in 2005, with 8 500, followed by Eastern Europeans (6 800). In per cent, the increase was largest among Eastern Europeans (11.1 per cent) and Africans (8.4 per cent).

People with immigrant background from Poland had the largest population increase in 2005 with 2 900, followed by Iraqis (1 700), Russians (1 350), Somalis (1 200) and Germans (1 000). Among Iraqis and Somalis both the birth surplus and the immigration surplus were large, while among those with Polish, Russian and German background the population increase was mainly due to a large immigration surplus. The population growth among people with Polish immigrant background was 33 per cent last year.

6.1 per cent have non-western background

A total of 285 300 persons in Norway had per 1.1.2006 immigrant background from a non-western country. This refers to 6.1 per cent of the total population. Persons with western immigrant background counted for 2.2 per cent of the total population. Five years ago, at the beginning of 2001, the total immigrant population counted for 6.6.per cent of Norway's population - 2.1 per cent had western background and 4.5 per cent had non-western background.

The largest immigrant groups in Norway. 1.1.2006. Absolute numbers

The largest immigrant groups, by proportion of persons born in Norway. 1.1.2006

Almost half of those with Pakistani immigrant background are born in Norway

318 500 of the persons in the immigrant population are first generation immigrants whom themselves have immigrated to Norway, while 68 200 are born in Norway by two foreign-born parents. This means that almost one sixth of the immigrant population is born in Norway.

Among the largest immigrant groups, Pakistanis is that immigrant group with the highest ratio of persons born in Norway with 45 per cent. Among people with background from Morocco, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Vietnam the proportion is more than 30 per cent. Among Thais, Americans and Swedes the proportion is less than five per cent. These differences are mainly explained by differences in length of residency in Norway, but also by the different group's marital patterns.

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