Still high immigration from Asia
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Immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents1 January 2002



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Still high immigration from Asia

The immigrant population in Norway numbered approximately 310 700 persons at the beginning of 2002, thereby making up 6.9 per cent of the total population. This is an increase of 0.3 percentage points since 1. January 2001.

During 2001 the immigrant population increased by 13 000 persons. 9 300 of these were first generation immigrants. The numbers of persons with a background from Iraq rose the most, by 1 300 persons. The following groups were Somalis with 1200, 1000 from Pakistan and 900 from Afghanistan.

As for the last year, it is still the national groups from Pakistan and Sweden who are the largest immigrant groups.

The number of immigrants from Asia increase the most, more than half of the growth in the immigrant population came from Asia in 2001. The immigrant population from Asia numbered about 108 900 persons. On the other hand, immigration from North-and Central America is still decreasing.

The immigrant population 1 January 2002. The largest groups

Ten largest nasjonality groups. First-generation immigrants and persons born
in Norway with two foreign-born parents. 1 January 2002
First generation immigrants Persons born in Norway with two foreign-born parents  
Total  259 221     Total 51 483
Sweden 21 900     Pakistan 11 000
Denmark 17 800     Vietnam 4 900
Pakistan 14 000     Turkey 3 700
Iraq 12 200     Sri Lanka 3 400
Bosnia-Herzegovina 11 800     Yugoslavia 2 700
Yugoslavia 11 800     Somalia 2 500
Vietnam 11 500     India 2 100
Iran 10 400     Morocco 2 000
Germany 9 400     Iran 1 500
Somalia 8 700     Iraq 1 400

45 per cent are Norwegian citizens

In the immigrant population, 140 700 persons were Norwegian citizens at the beginning of 2002. This is an increase by two per cent compared by last year. There is hardly noticeable difference in the national groups except Bosnia Herzegovina, which had an increase by 23 per cent points.

Oslo has the largest immigrant population

A third of everyone included in the immigrant population live in Oslo. The immigrant population in Oslo increased by 4000 persons from the year before, and now makes up 20.1 per cent of the population. Among immigrants to Norway, with origins in Asia, Africa, South-and Central America and Turkey, 43 per cent live in Oslo.