The population projections – estimates of how the population will develop in the years to come.

Population projections2014-2100


Population projections. Key figures
 Registered 20131Projected MMMM2
1Total population registered per January 1 2014.
2Each alternative is described by four letters in the following order: fertility, life expectancy, internal migration and immigration. M = medium, L = low and H = high.
3The projections calculate life expectancy based on age at the end of a year and not age at time of death, resulting in slightly different estimates from those presented in the general population statistics.
4The numbers for immigration and emigration in the projections do not include multiple moves to and from Norway during the same year for an individual. The numbers are thus lower than the immigration and emigration numbers in the general population statistics. The numbers for net migration are, however, comparable.
Total population5 109 0565 450 1066 323 5636 868 230
Deaths41 28242 46356 44365 674
Life expectancy at birth men379.680.783.786.5
Life expectancy at birth women383.584.587.089.1
Live births58 99566 66468 76272 790
Total fertility rate1.781.821.801.80
Immigration472 68964 74656 20753 986
Emigration432 63635 59237 04136 792
Net migration40 05329 15419 16517 193