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The statistics cover the population and land area in urban settlements as of 1 January 2015. Figures on residents in densely and sparsely populated areas by county and municipality and population density will also be covered.

Population and land area in urban settlements1 January 2015


Population and area. Urban settlements.1 January
PopulationChangeChange in per cent
20152014 - 20152014 - 2015
1The urban settlement of Fanahammeren is separated from the urban settlement of Bergen. It resided 3 777 residents in this urban settlement.
Residents in urban settlements4 172 80458 3791.4
Residents in rural settlements973 812-3 015-0.3
Area of urban settlement (km²)2 158.2811.240.52
Number of residents pr km2 in urban areas1 933170.9
Proportion residents in urban settlements, per cent80.780.090.11
Residents in the five largest urban settlements
Oslo958 37816 2941.7
Bergen1250 420-861-0.3
Stavanger/Sandnes210 8743 4351.7
Trondheim175 0682 8421.7
Drammen113 5341 4111.3