Reports 2016/05

Sami statistics 2016

This publication is in Norwegian only.

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The publication gives an overall and up-to-date presentation of official Sami statistics. It covers most of the relevant areas.

The statistics have a primarily geographical approach, with emphasis on Sami settlement areas north of the Saltfjellet mountain range, which is in the Arctic Circle. This is because there is no data basis for creating individual-based statistics on people of Sami ethnicity since no information is recorded on the ethnicity of Norwegian residents. Some nationwide Sami statistics are also included.

The publication is based partly on statistics already collated and published by Statistics Norway, and partly on data provided by a variety of Sami institutions.

The publication contains statistics on Sami Parliament elections, size and composition of the population, education, the use of Sami languages in kindergartens and schools, income and personal finances, employment, reindeer husbandry, agriculture and fishing and catch.

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