Quicker to extract the figures you need


Statbank has been given a new design and a variety of extra options.

The new technical platform makes it quicker to extract the figures you are searching for in Statbank. On 9 January, Statistics Norway is changing over to a new user interface.

 ‘We now have a solution that makes it easier to search, find groupings and convert tables into graphs’, says the project manager, Kristin Glomsås.

Improved functionality in Statbank

The new user interface is more user friendly and makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Searching for figures, variable definitions and groupings is now more straightforward, and this will be particularly apparent to KOSTRA users. Explanations of words are also more visible.

New colours and fonts have been added to Statbank, while all links and table numbers work as before.

Find your way around the new Statbank.

Changes to saved queries and ‘My page’

Many regular users of Statbank have saved their tables in the ‘My page’ subscription. These saved queries still work, but you can no longer change them.

 ‘If you want to change your saved query, you need to create a new one’, says Glomsås.

A new link will then be generated, which is the ID for your saved query. You need to keep this safe so that you can find it again. You can, for example, add it as a bookmark or send the link to your e-mail address.

The API query is visible in Statbank

The API is part of the new user interface. Once you have accessed Statbank and have chosen the variables you want, you can get the API query code.