Statistical analyses 087

Immigration and immigrants 2006

The purpose of this publication is to present updated figures on immigrants andimmigration to Norway. Time series that illustrate the development within some aspects of living conditions are presented, and updated with the most recent figures where possible. An attempt will be made to update the publication every year; every second year as a paper publication and as a web publication in the intervening years.The previous publication was SA 67 (Tronstad 2004), updated on the Internet: SA 67.

Data are mainly gathered from administrative registers at Statistics Norway, but also from sample surveys. This is explained in each chapter. Various divisions in Statistics Norway produce the statistics. The statistics on refugees are partially based on data from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

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Immigration and immigrants 2006


Bjørn Mathisen

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Statistical analyses 087


Statistisk sentralbyrå

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Siri E. Boquist


Living conditions , Immigrants , Population, Social conditions, welfare and crime



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