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The statistics are intended to shed light on sickness absence trends in the aggregate and distributed by industry, occupation, hours worked and various personal variables connected with those on sick leave.

Sickness absenceQ4 2014


Sickness absence man-days for employees 16-69 years in per cent of contractual man-days, by type of certification, and change in per cent from previous quarter. Seasonal- and influenza adjusted
Sickness absence ratesChange in per cent from previous quarter
Self-certified and certified by doctorSelf-certifiedCertified by doctorSelf-certified and certified by doctorSelf-certifiedCertified by doctor
1st quarter 20106.901.035.88-2.75.1-4.0
2nd quarter 20106.791.005.79-1.6-2.3-1.5
3rd quarter 20106.991.035.952.93.02.9
4th quarter 20107.
1st quarter 20116.980.966.02-1.6-4.9-1.1
2nd quarter 20116.881.005.88-1.43.8-2.2
3rd quarter 20116.711.045.66-2.54.7-3.7
4th quarter 20116.601.005.60-1.6-3.9-1.2
1st quarter 20126.490.985.51-1.7-2.4-1.5
2nd quarter 20126.370.935.44-1.8-4.9-1.3
3rd quarter 20126.460.915.561.5-2.62.1
4th quarter 20126.651.055.602.816.10.7
1st quarter 20136.570.975.60-1.2-7.40.0
2nd quarter 20136.531.075.45-0.610.2-2.5
3rd quarter 20136.340.965.38-2.8-10.5-1.3
4th quarter 20136.440.985.461.51.81.4
1st quarter 20146.471.005.470.51.90.3
2nd quarter 20146.480.995.480.1-0.40.2
3rd quarter 20146.571.085.491.59.30.1
4th quarter 20146.390.945.45-2.9-13.6-0.8