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Sickness absenceQ1 2013


Sickness absence by type of absence(self-certified or doctor-certified) and duration within the quarter1
Total self- and doctor-certifiedType of absenceDoctor-certified absence by duration
All self-certifiedAll doctor-certifiedDoctor-certified 1-31 daysDoctor-certified 32-(number of days within the quarter-1)Doctor-certified the whole quarter
1This table only shows duration within the quarter. For instance, an absence of long duration, previous to the present quarter, ending early in the quarter is categorised as "1-31 days", and thus appears to be of short duration. An absence that starts at the end of the quarter is also categorised as "1-31 days", even if it later turns out to be a long one.
1st quarter 2003100.011.788.325.132.530.7
1st quarter 2004100.012.387.724.132.031.5
1st quarter 2005100.017.582.526.329.826.4
1st quarter 2006100.016.183.925.729.928.3
1st quarter 2007100.017.282.827.129.426.2
1st quarter 2008100.016.483.624.531.527.5
3rd quarter 2008100.010.989.126.830.332.0
1st quarter 2010100.016.683.422.630.130.7
1st quarter 2011100.016.183.924.330.129.6
1st quarter 2012100.017.682.424.829.927.7
1st quarter 2013100.017.782.324.029.728.6