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Employment, register-based2019, 4th quarter



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The register-based employment statistics have been updated with a new and better method for calculating the number of self-employed persons. New figures have been published in the StatBank for the period 2015-2019. The main difference is that the Labor force survey (LFS) no longer determines the total level of the number of self-employed persons. This gives a few more self-employed and thus a small increase in the number of employees in total.

New figures for 2020 will be published on 11 March 2021.

Employed persons 15-74 years, by county of work. Person and per cent. 4th quarter
PersonsPer cent
20192018 - 20192018 - 2019
1Establishments in the industrial classification 09.1 Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction, and some other industries, are given a land code from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, even where operations are carried out on the Norwegian continental shelf. Previously, establishments that Statistics Norway considered to be on the continental shelf were given a new code. However, this procedure has been discontinued. This means that many jobs that were previously registered under the Norwegian continental shelf are now considered to be on the Norwegian mainland as from the fourth quarter of 2018. This has further led to an artificial decrease in the number of employed persons on the Norwegian continental shelf and a corresponding artificial increase in other counties in fourth quarter of 2018 and 2019, mainly in Rogaland.
The whole country2 700 49223 5370.9
Østfold (-2019)120 7253730.3
Akershus (-2019)282 9724 1621.5
Buskerud (-2019)128 1848890.7
Oslo491 1969 2691.9
Hedmark (-2019)87 602-334-0.4
Oppland (-2019)87 832-836-0.9
Vestfold (-2019)108 9083940.4
Telemark (-2019)75 7903030.4
Aust-Agder (-2019)49 032-30.0
Vest-Agder (-2019)89 7998491.0
Rogaland1249 1545 2412.1
Hordaland (-2019)262 2812 7971.1
Sogn og Fjordane (-2019)54 824-104-0.2
Møre og Romsdal128 456-569-0.4
Trøndelag - Trööndelage234 5852 9031.3
Nordland117 129420.0
Troms - Romsa (-2019)86 221-85-0.1
Finnmark - Finnmárku (-2019)37 802430.1