Labour market and earnings;Svalbard
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Employment, register-based2018, 4th quarter



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Figures for Maritime employment, 4th Quarter, 2015-2018, will be published in table 12721, 12747, 12748 and 12749 in Statbank 19th of August 2019.

Employed persons 15-74 years, by county of work. Person and per cent. 4th quarter
PersonsPer cent
20182017 - 20182017 - 2018
1Establishments in the industrial classification 09.1 Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction are given a land code from the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, even where operations are carried out on the Norwegian continental shelf. Previously, establishments that Statistics Norway considered to be on the continental shelf were given a new code. However, this procedure has been discontinued. This means that many jobs that were previously registered under the Norwegian continental shelf are now considered to be on the Norwegian mainland as from the fourth quarter of 2018. This has further led to an artificial decrease in the number of employed persons on the Norwegian continental shelf and a corresponding artificial increase in other counties, mainly in Rogaland and Hordaland.
The whole country2 681 95556 4002.1
Østfold120 6722 3522.0
Akershus279 4829 1443.4
Oslo482 56714 1923.0
Hedmark88 1341 5071.7
Oppland88 9461 9782.3
Buskerud127 5371 5991.3
Vestfold108 8211 8901.8
Telemark75 6699201.2
Aust-Agder49 1601 2922.7
Vest-Agder89 1582 1612.5
Rogaland1244 15510 1694.3
Hordaland1259 8805 5902.2
Sogn og Fjordane55 0425521.0
Møre og Romsdal129 2462 1861.7
Trøndelag232 1293 0291.3
Nordland117 2861 2661.1
Troms - Romsa86 4431 9062.3
Finnmark - Finnmárku37 8376941.9