Monthly earnings up NOK 700
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Earnings in personal service activities1 October 2014

The 2015 wage statistics for all industrial sections and various areas in the public sector will be released collectively on 3 March 2016 in the statistics Earnings of all employees.



Monthly earnings up NOK 700

Average monthly earnings, excluding overtime payment, of full-time employees in personal service activities were NOK 38 600 as at 1 October 2014. This is an increase of NOK 700 or 1.8 per cent from 1 October 2013

Full-time employees in personal service activities, by division. Monthly earnings and basic monthly salary. Average as of October. NOK and percentage change
Monthly earningsBasic monthly salary
201320142013 - 2014201320142013 - 2014
Personal service activities, total37 90038 6001.837 10037 8001.9
Activities of membership organisations46 90047 9002.146 70047 7002.1
Activities of business, employers and professional organizations56 50059 0004.456 10058 6004.5
Activities of trade unions49 70051 3003.249 60051 2003.2
Activities of other membership organizations40 00040 8002.039 90040 6001.8
Repair of computers and personal and household goods37 20037 5000.836 20036 7001.4
Other personal service activities28 80029 8003.527 50028 4003.3
Washing and (dry-)cleaning of textile and fur products31 60031 8000.630 20030 5001.0
Hairdressing and other beauty treatment27 10028 2004.125 80026 7003.5
Funeral and related activities40 00041 0002.538 20039 3002.9

Personal service activities is a division with very diverse activities, and includes membership organisations, repair of computers, washing and dry-cleaning, hairdressing and funerals.

About the statistical basisOpen and readClose

The statistics are based on information from a sample of personal service activities enterprises covering a total of 13 014 full-time employees and 4 199 part-time employees. The total number of employees that forms the basis for weighting is 35 900 in personal service activities, according to the Norwegian Central Register of Enterprises and Establishments.

Structural changes within the division along with the outcome of collective bargaining would have a certain effect on the wage increase being measured.