Compensation in cash up 5.5 per cent
Arbeid og lønn
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Wage totals from End of the Year Certificate Register2005



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Compensation in cash up 5.5 per cent

Total paid compensation in cash amounted to NOK 666 billion in 2005. This is an increase of NOK 35 billion or 5.5 per cent from 2004.

For men the increase was 5.7 per cent from NOK 386 billion in 2004 to NOK 408 in 2005. In comparison, women had NOK 258 billion in 2005, an increase of 5.2 per cent from 2004. 2 673 000 persons received compensation in cash in 2005, which is 25 000 more than in 2004.

Disbursements of unemployment benefits

168 000 persons received unemployment benefit in 2005, a decrease of 10.7 per cent from the year before. Total disbursements of unemployment benefit amounted to NOK 9.5 billion in 2005, a decrease of 12.9 per cent from 2004.

About the statistical basis

The statistics are based on figures from the register on End of the Year Certificates for the year 2005. This covers enterprises that are obligated by law to report to the register.