Monthly earnings up NOK 400
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Earnings in arts, entertainment and recreation activities1 October 2009

The 2015 wage statistics for all industrial sections and various areas in the public sector will be released collectively on 3 March 2016 in the statistics Earnings of all employees.



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Monthly earnings up NOK 400

Full-time employees in arts, entertainment and recreation activities had average monthly earnings, excluding overtime payments, of NOK 33 600 as at 1 October 2009. This was an increase of approximately NOK 400 or 1.2 per cent from the same period in 2008.

The divisions included in arts, entertainment and recreation differ considerably, e.g. creative activities as arts and entertainment, libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities, gambling and betting, sports, recreation and leisure activities.

Publications of wage statistics in 2009 apply a new standard industrial classification (SIC 2007).

Wage statistics 2008/2009 presented here are thus according to the new standard.

About the statistical basis

The statistics are based on information from a sample of enterprises covering a total of 7 362 full-time employees and 5 327 part-time employees. According to the Norwegian Central Register of Enterprises and Establishments as per October 2009, personal service activities comprise in total 22 100 employees.

The term average monthly earnings is the main term in Statistics Norway's wage statistics. Monthly earnings cover basic salaries, variable additional allowances and bonuses. Payment for overtime work is not included, but is presented in the statistics separately. Basic salary for arts, entertainment and recreation activities is measured as per 1 October, while bonuses, variable additional allowances and payment for overtime work are calculated from the annual sum as a monthly average.