Average monthly earnings up NOK 1 100
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Earnings in professional, scientific and technical services1 September 2014

The 2015 wage statistics for all industrial sections and various areas in the public sector will be released collectively on 3 March 2016 in the statistics Earnings of all employees.



Average monthly earnings up NOK 1 100

Full-time employees in professional, scientific and technical activities had average monthly earnings of NOK 54 600 as per 1 September 2014, excluding overtime pay. This was a year-on-year increase of NOK 1 100 or 2.1 per cent.

Full-time employees in professional, scientific and technical activities, by division. Monthly earnings and basic monthly salary. Average as of September. NOK and percentage change
Monthly earningsBasic monthly salary
201320142013 - 2014201320142013 - 2014
Professional, scientific and technical activities, total53 50054 6002.151 00052 3002.5
Legal and accounting activities47 30048 8003.245 60047 0003.1
Architectural and engineering activities56 90058 2002.354 30055 7002.6
Architectural activities51 80054 7005.651 20054 2005.9
Engineering activities and related technical consultancy58 50059 1001.055 80056 6001.4
Technical testing and analysis52 50055 8006.349 30051 7004.9
Scientific research and development56 50057 9002.554 70056 3002.9
Advertising and market research45 80047 7004.144 10045 5003.2

This section in the standard industrial classification includes a wide range of activities, which are all characterised by a relatively high wage level. The highest earnings are found in engineering activities and related technical consultancy, at NOK 59 100, while the lowest are found in advertising and market research, at NOK 47 700.

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The statistics are based on information from a sample of enterprises covering a total of 57 497 full-time employees and 6 629 part-time employees. According to the Norwegian Central Register of Enterprises and Establishments as per September 2014, professional, scientific and technical activities comprise in total 117 000 employees.

Structural changes within the division along with the outcome of collective bargaining would have a certain effect on the wage increase being measured.