Labour market and earnings

Employee statistics for immigrants2nd half-year 2001


About the statistics


Name and topic

Name: Employee statistics for immigrants
Topic: Labour market and earnings

Responsible division

Division for Labour Market Statistics

Definitions of the main concepts and variables

Definition of the main concepts

An employee is a person aged 16-74 who performs work for pay or profit in the service of another. To be registered in the The Register of Employees the employment has to endure for at least six days and comprice a minimum of four hours a week. (This is an obliged registration). The date of reference is the end of November in the year of the statistics.

First - generation immigrant : a person born abroad by foreign - born parents.

Definition of the main variables

The age is given in complete years at the end of the year.

The industrial classification is in accordance with the revised Standard Industrial Classification (NOS C182, issued 1994), which is based on the EU-standard of NACE Rev. 1.

Standard classifications

Groups of age: 16 - 24 years, 25 - 54 years, 55 - 74 years.

Time of residence in Norway : under 4 years, 4 - 6 years 7 years and more.

Couuntry of birth : The Nordic countries, Western Europe else, Eastern - Europe, Northern - America and Oceania, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Administrative information

Regional level

County and the whole country.

Frequency and timeliness


International reporting

Not relevant


The statistical files (based on the register sources mentioned above) are stored.


Background and purpose

The main purpose is to describe the employment among first generation immigrants according to gender, age, time of residence in Norway, country of birth, division of industry, and county of residence.

Users and applications

The Labour Market Authorities, other public administration and social research.

Coherence with other statistics

For statistics at regional levels (counties and municipalities), the Registerbased Employment Statistics are recommended.

The Population and Housing Censuses (each 10 th year) give statistics on employment during the last 12 months, in addition to the situation in a specified survey week.

The Surveys of Level of Living (by Statistics Norway) give information on physical working environment as well as organizational working conditions.

Legal authority

The Statistics Act §3-2 (Administrative registers).

EEA reference

Council regulation (EEC) No. 3111/76 on the compilation of statistics of foreign workers.



All first generation immigrants aged 16 - 74 years who are registered as active employees and settled in Norway. Self employed, family workers and conscripts are not included in the statistics.

Data sources and sampling

The Register of Employees, and the Central Population Register, Statistic Norway's Population statistics.

Total counting.

Collection of data, editing and estimations

Statistics Norway receive weekly files from The National Insurance Administration.


Person is the unit for analysis.

Comparability over time and space

Not relevant

Accuracy and reliability

Sources of error and uncertainty

Non-sampling errors

Some reports to the Register of employees are delayed. To secure that most of the reported employees are included in the statistics, the collection of the data from the register is done 16 weeks after the time of referance which is the last week in November.