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Health care personnel2017, 4th quarter



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Health care personnel (15-74 years), by sex. 4th quarter1
20172016 - 20172016
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1As from 2015, the employment are based on new data sources (a-ordningen), see further details in «About the statistics». The figures for 2015 and onwards are not comparable with the figures for previous years. For more information, see the article linked to the 2015-figures: http://www.ssb.no/en/arbeid-og-lonn/statistikker/regsys/aar/2016-05-27
Persons with a health care education512 524100.02.9497 939
Males78 55115.33.775 767
Females433 97384.72.8422 172
Employed with a health care education415 964100.02.4406 389
Males67 71516.33.065 741
Females348 24983.72.2340 648
Employed with a health care education in health and social services331 84579.82.2324 651