361 000 lost working days
Labour market and earnings
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361 000 lost working days

About 361 000 workdays were lost in connection with labour disputes in 2012. This was fewer compared to 2010 when half a million working days were lost.

Work stoppages, wage earners and working days lost
Work stoppages212211
Wage earnings in wage stoppages3666 93811441 820
Working days lost180500 009526360 643

A total of 41 800 employees in 11 labour disputes were affected by disputes in 2012. Human health and social work activities had the most lost workdays in 2012, with 252 500 workdays lost and 25 000 employees involved. This makes up 70 per cent of all workdays lost in 2012. This is due to the widespread strike by local authority employees. There was also widespread conflicts in central government, where 49 000 working days were lost.

Years with main settlements, such as 2010, usually have more lost working days than years with mid-term settlements. Main settlements take place every two years, which means that two-yearly agreements are entered into for most of the tariff ranges. In the years with mid-term settlements existing agreements are only revised, and this explains a large part of the year-on-year variations in these statistics.