Labour market and earnings;Labour market and earnings;Immigration and immigrants

Labour force surveyQ3 2019


Average number of man-weeks worked (37.5 hours), by industry division (LFS). 1 0001
Annual average2nd quarter 20183rd quarter 20184th quarter 20181st quarter 20192nd quarter 20193rd quarter 2019
1The time series is not adjusted for alternating holidays.
00-99 Total2 0162 0372 1221 8512 1132 1632 0531 839
01-03 Agriculture, forestry and fishing5759666153536159
05-09 Mining and quarrying4352525453495243
10-33 Manufacturing174168172156176183172146
35-39 Electricity, water supply, sewerage, waste management2627292428272422
41-43 Construction180187194173195198181170
45 Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles4441443741423936
46 Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles8684857687918876
47 Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles125125125120132126124126
49-53 Transportation and storage1101041079810710510596
55-56 Acommodation and food service activities5659586061576259
58-63 Information and communication8485887591958881
64-66 Financial and insurance activities4244463746473936
68-75 Real estate, professional, scientific and technical activities146149156132155167150131
77-82 Administrative and support service activities88969892101999893
84 Public adm., defence, soc. security149149158130149152139121
85 Education154157168121167176159118
86-88 Human health and social work activities369370388330382404386347
90-99 Other service activities7881867486918375