Labour market and earnings;Labour market and earnings;Immigration and immigrants

Labour force surveyQ4 2017


Average number of man-weeks worked (37.5 hours), by industry division (LFS). 1 0001
Annual average3rd quarter 20164th quarter 20161st quarter 20172nd quarter 20173rd quarter 20174th quarter 2017
1The time series is not adjusted for alternating holidays.
00-99 Total2 0182 0131 7992 1102 1732 0171 7912 073
01-03 Agriculture, forestry and fishing5856615754565855
05-09 Mining and quarrying4744384445434146
10-33 Manufacturing182176163186191178157179
35-39 Electricity, water supply, sewerage, waste management2527232930252327
41-43 Construction171181156182191182161188
45 Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles4243354649413845
46 Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles8986809196857687
47 Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles127124123135131123117125
49-53 Transportation and storage117108112118111110100111
55-56 Acommodation and food service activities5053494652535254
58-63 Information and communication8285708893857388
64-66 Financial and insurance activities3942314241423747
68-75 Real estate, professional, scientific and technical activities149146121154169143125148
77-82 Administrative and support service activities8886868587868288
84 Public adm., defence, soc. security151153130168170153128160
85 Education155153119175178152121162
86-88 Human health and social work activities362369322383393375329379
90-99 Other service activities7878717484806980