Labour market and earnings;Labour market and earnings;Immigration and immigrants
The Labour Force Survey (LFS) shows the development in labour force participation, employment and unemployment. In the 4th quarter of 2015, labour force participation among the population aged 15-74 years was 70.7 per cent.

Labour force surveyQ4 2015


Employed persons aged 15-74, by sex, occupation and contractual/usual work time. Annual average
TotalPart-timePercent Part-timeFull-timePercent Full-timeAverage working hours per week
Both sexes
In total2 65167225.41 97074.334.2
1. Managers203105.219394.839.4
2. Professionals71014019.756980.035.8
3. Technicians and associate professionals4527616.737583.135.7
4. Clerical support workers1575132.410667.331.9
5. Service and sales workers52829255.323244.027.5
6. Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers501427.93671.739.8
7. Craft and related trades workers246176.922892.837.5
8. Plant and machine operators and assemblers1641911.714588.037.7
0,9. Other occupations1405337.88661.730.4
In total1 40220714.81 19184.936.5
1. Managers13053.612596.340.2
2. Professionals2953311.326188.537.5
3. Technicians and associate professionals263269.723790.237.2
4. Clerical support workers581323.24476.433.5
5. Service and sales workers1717543.69555.829.3
6. Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers39923.62976.041.7
7. Craft and related trades workers232146.121793.737.7
8. Plant and machine operators and assemblers1441510.412889.238.0
0,9. Other occupations701825.45274.433.2
In total1 24946537.277962.431.7
1. Managers7367.86892.138.0
2. Professionals41510725.730874.034.5
3. Technicians and associate professionals1895026.613873.133.6
4. Clerical support workers993837.86162.030.9
5. Service and sales workers35721861.013738.426.6
6. Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers11542.7656.733.3
7. Craft and related trades workers14321.51178.534.2
8. Plant and machine operators and assemblers20420.11679.935.4
0,9. Other occupations703550.13449.127.5