Reports 2019/08

Scenarios for future accessibility of the Norwegian housing mass

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This report examines the share of housing units that are accessible for physically disabled persons in 2018, and how construction of new housing units will affect this share in the future. Analyses are done at the municipal and regional level to understand in which areas the demand and supply of accessible housing units might be particularly unbalanced. We find estimates of accessibility from the EU-SILC 2018 survey of living conditions, and use statistics on construction from the last few years and on the housing mass in 2018 to project future accessibility in the housing mass. The share of accessible housing units is estimated for 2018 and projected to 2025, 2030 and 2040. In addition, we look at the relationship between accessible housing units and projected population age structure. The share of accessible housing units increases by around 70 percent by 2040, from 21 to 35 percent of the housing mass. Less central municipalities lag behind in this growth.

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